This book was first published in Singapore in paperback. Then came along the iPad and iBooks Author which gave me the opportunity to redesign my book and bring it to life with the Multi-Touch iBook format. In the enhance version of my book, I added new content and made it interactive. I am also able to show you examples that otherwise was impossible on a printed book.

Embarking on this project also led me to many sleepless nights. But then again, there are no shortcuts to success. It is always hard work, drive and passion.

We are now in the year 2020, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The rules have changed. We are moving full swing into the digital era, and so is my book.

This ​new 3rd Edition​ of my book will now live in the cloud. No download required. It’s always live and always updated with my latest ideas.

Many people have helped and supported me throughout my journey in one way or another. My family, friends and people I came to know along the way.

And to you, thank you for buying my book.


This book would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from my friends and family.

Paul Lim, a true friend and a great speaker, who has helped me a lot and never give up on me. Without your inputs and guidance, many things might not have been possible. Thank you also for introducing me to the best-selling book by Paul Arden which gave me the idea to write this book.

James Ho, a trusted friend and also business partner. Thank you for your dedication to my cause and your determination in infecting individuals and organisations in Malaysia.

Caroline Lim. Thank you for believing in me and providing me with opportunities and gifting this book to many of your friends and colleagues. I love the excellent view from your office on the 38th floor overseeing the Southern Coast of Singapore.

Ang Lee-Na, a long time friend and ex-colleague, for listening to all my rubbish and exchanging ideas.

Paul W. Bradley for your valuable critique and wild suggestions that sometimes were beyond my comprehension.

Kalind S. Bunnag, friend and owner of The Tawana Bangkok Hotel. Thank you for the great hospitality and making each and every of my stay at The Tawana Bangkok Hotel like my home away from home.

Adelin Lim, a friend and dedicated toastmaster. Thank you for your unselfish sharing and inviting me to your meetings of great speakers.

Dad & Mom for trusting me. My sister Nyee Nyee and her family for taking care of Dad and Mom. Uncle Richard and Aunt Mary for your continued care and support always.

Sangter Tulku Rinpoche, my great teacher who gave me wisdom and guided me throughout my journey. Thank you for your generosity, thoughtfulness, and blessings.

Above all, to my wife (Sylvia) and daughter (Apple Nico) for being patient with me. Thank you Sylvia for your unconditional love, caring, support, and taking care of things at home all the time.

To Apple Nico for being mischievous. Thank you for your comments, candid suggestions and liking this book.

Many thanks also to . . .

Paul Lim (SCA), Caroline Lim (PSA), Paul W. Bradley (Caprica International), Kalind S. Bunnag, Dr. Robert Yap (YCH Group) for contributing their presentation visuals. Suong Hong Nguyen (OPV) for her animated feedback and suggestions which has convinced me to change some of the images used. Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall for allowing me to use his quote and also his amazing base jump photos.

Adelin Lim and James Loh for copy editing the 1st edition of this book.

The friendly people at Starbucks Coffee for letting me work there for hours and not chasing me away.

All my students and clients who have supported and attended my workshops. And all my friends in Thailand for helping me connect and spread my cause in the Land of Smiles.

And many other that I didn’t managed to mention here.

Thank you.

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