What people say about this book

“A good book to get the creative juices flowing. Good combination of visual and text ideas for effective presentations.”

Jonathan Lok  SINGAPORE

“Simple, eye catching and direct to the point. I like the presentation format shown in the book.”

Vivien Hoe, Director of Sales  SINGAPORE 

“The content of this book is easy to understand and it is a beautiful book...”

Jeerapat Techakunchaiyanunt  THAILAND

“The ideas presented in the book are very clear. I like that they are also short and sweet - easy to understand.”

Sam Soo, Teacher - Ministry of Education  SINGAPORE

“Whether you are a new or seasoned presenter, you will find the simple ideas in this book to be applicable and impactful. You will discover many creative possibilities that will suit your personal communication style… Highly recommended read for today’s presenters and communicators.”

James Ho, Co-Founder and CEO - ClickAcademy Asia  MALAYSIA

“Tian Teck has put together a very useful book brimming with practical design ideas-- lovely to behold and easy to read. I use it as a reference guide for what’s possible when creativity and sound design principles meet to create visually appealing and brain-friendly information for audience consumption.”

James Leong C.Foo, Master Trainer - Visions.One Consulting  SINGAPORE

“Presentations made as easy as 1-2-3. This is what this book is. Easy to read, easy to understand high impact presentation visuals... EASY!”

Sandy Goh, Managing Director - Medaid Solutions  SINGAPORE

“Every person speaking and presenting should own Sticky Presentations. I have gifted nearly 100 copies so far. It is so great!”

Deborah Carlson, Head of Asia Pacific - U.S. Software Company  SINGAPORE 

“This book totally blew my mind away when I first read it. Sticky Presentations has transformed the way I design and formulate my presentation and training slides. From the traditional bullet points, typical graph charts, to a more visually impactful style. The ideas in the book have empowered me to present and train more effectively. Love it!”

Doreen Tan, Learning & Development Practitioner  SINGAPORE

“Using pictures and keywords in presentation visuals equals impactful presentations that leave lasting impressions. This and other techniques shared in the book have helped me in making my presentations better and more exciting. Sticky Presentations is an easy to read book yet offer loads of practical tips in presentation design. I strongly recommend it to those who want to create impactful presentations.”

Christine Lee, Senior Director - DHL Supply Chain  SINGAPORE

“Excellent! book. Sticky Presentations is one of the best presentation book I have ever read. It is easy to understand and fun to read. I learn about presentation design enormously from this book and I hope that everyone who read this book will feel the same.”

Thongchai Rojkangsadan, Lecturer - Chulalongkorn University  THAILAND

“The Sticky Presentations book is a one stop guide to effective PowerPoint presentations. It’s easy to read in a handy convenient size suitable for all.”

Nina Jamil, Media Prima  MALAYSIA

“Sticky Presentations is by far the best blueprint on creating visual presentations I have read to date. Being in Internet Marketing for small enterprise businesses, it is critical that I create presentations that capture my markets attention and keep them interested so they stay while I deliver my sales or educative messages. The SPY acronym is easy to follow and encompasses everything most executives will need to create powerful, interesting, entertaining and persuasive presentations that will convert. I give this book my highest recommendation.”

Josh Denning, Founder - Smart R.O.I.  THAILAND

“Sticky Presentations is a perfect book for everyone. It is simple and understandable. Each page in this book is like the real presentation.”

Wipa Ruangpanyaphot, Student - University of Glasgow  UK

“The content of this book is uniquely simple and creative… refreshing and ‘juicy’. It is amazing and has inspired me to look at presentation differently.”

Ng Chang Shiang, Illustrator  SINGAPORE

“The process of creating a standout presentation is not an easy task, but this book refined ways to deliver the message across slides in the most engaging and effective methods. This is mind blowing stuff and worth a read!”

Davis Chua, Damco Airfreight  SINGAPORE

“‘It is the Presentation!’ That was my reply when I was asked how the bosses were convinced with my 10-slide Budget 2014 review. Simple and focused visuals do tell a thousand words. Tian Teck made it so simple to follow with his book, helping me bring life to my PowerPoint presentations.”

Poon Kai Chong, Manager - UOB Bank  MALAYSIA

“I must say that this book is a very unique book and I have not seen a similar book written. It takes creativity and presentation design to a new height.”

Johnson Lee, Director - MarketAsia Distributors  SINGAPORE

“This book presents fabulous creative ideas that will help you to do a paradigm shift in connecting-the-dots with the audience.”

Raymond Chua, HR Director - Philips Lumileds  SINGAPORE

“It’s an AWESOME book! This book is simple but yet intriguing. I’ve definitely learned a lot from it to make my training more effective.”

Celia Liu, System Trainer - Agilent Technologies  SINGAPORE

“Well constructed to show what is required for presentation visuals to be effective ... it is easy to read and different.”

Roger Oakden, Learn about Logistics  AUSTRALIA

“Sticky Presentations has been a great read and resource tool for all my new marketing staff. The content could be easily applied and I could see a difference in the way we do our business immediately after. I simply love the insights shared by the author. Can’t wait for his next book.”

Terence Kok, Director - Cool N Lite Solar Film  SINGAPORE

“This book inspires me to do new things.”

Kanchanaphan Poonudom  THAILAND

“Many professionals including myself tend to pack our presentations with so much data, while something simpler is more effective. This book is a good reference to presentation visuals that focus on the core message and using simple ideas to retain the interest of the audience. It’s amazing how simplicity is more effective!”

Helene Ton, Head of Marketing - Emtrain  USA

“Awesome! The simple yet powerful insights and tips in this book are so valuable and relevant to my work as a professional trainer. I have applied nearly all the principles that Tian Teck has shared in his first book, and am really looking forward to further great tactics in this new edition. I definitely recommend this book to all professionals who want to communicate better!”

Eu Gene Ang, Founder and Principal Trainer

- ClickAcademy Asia  MALAYSIA

“... Finally, I finished reading this book in 1 hour. It was written in simple plain English that is very useful to create a new style of presentation. I love this book and cannot say “NO” when I had a chance to join Ang Tian Teck’s workshop both in Thailand and Singapore. I recommend this book to those who want to change their presentation style and deliver messages that stick with their audience...”

Ben Thaiaporn, Managing Director - V Eye Precision  THAILAND

“This book is simple to read, eye catching and inspiring! Knowing how I can better my presentations after reading it has changed the way I create my presentations. I love it so much that I often pass this precious book around to my colleagues to inspire them to create better presentations.”

Evonne Ng, Manager - Tan Tock Seng Hospital  SINGAPORE

“Loved it, scanned through it in the shop while waiting and decided I needed it immediately. It’s simple and powerful.”

Wayne Hoare  AUSTRALIA

Finally! A long-awaited, simple book (or is it really a book?) that distills the key ingredients of successful communication in words, pictures and concepts that are applicable and impactful, remain ingrained in your mind as you review and refine your personal communication style. Absolutely love the layout, concept and apparent lack of structure. I recommend reading it over ... and over ... and over ... ... again.

Koh Jin Kiat, Director - Harley-Davidson Motor Company SINGAPORE

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