Zoom like a PRO with OBS

Next Mini Workshop / Wednesday, 29 Sept 2021

Everything you need to know to start using OBS on Zoom or any virtual meeting platforms

Wednesday, 29 September 2021
8pm - 10pm (GMT +8)

Virtually via Zoom Meeting

Here is what you will learn

​If you want to up your Zoom presentations, SIGNUP for this Mini Workshop

This is an instructor-led short 2-hour Mini Virtual Workshop conducted via Zoom.

All participants must participate with video and audio.
Requirements for participation.

  1. Computer with working camera and microphone
  2. PowerPoint (or Keynote) software installed
  3. Free OBS Studio software installed (download here)
  4. Zoom software installed with Zoom registered free (or paid) account
  5. Computer/Laptop that is not too old ha ha! :)

  6. **IMPORTANT **

    Before you sign-up for this Mini-Workshop, please ensure that you have

    1. BASIC KNOWLEDGE of how to use your computer, PowerPoint (or Keynote), and Zoom Meeting software
    2. Installed the Free OBS Studio software and it's working on your computer

  7. Go through the basic setup and complete the tutorials prior to attending the workshop

Zoom like a Pro with OBS

  1. Install and setup OBS
    • Check install and setup
    • Navigating OBS
  2. Scenes setup
    • Full camera
    • Camera + Slide
    • Camera + Brand
  3. Custom scene templates
    • Slide + Rectangle Camera
    • Slide + Square Camera
    • Slide + Overlap Camera
    • Branding + Camera
  4. Slides design considerations
    • Camera on slides
    • Camera outside slides
  5. Slideshow setup
    • Fullscreen vs Window mode
    • Navigating slides
  6. Going live
    • Starting Virtual Camera
    • Zoom and other virtual meetings
    • Controlling Zoom, OBS, and shared presentation window

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